Catholic Student Organization (CSO)

The Catholic Student Organization (CSO) is an extension of RLC which directly serves the needs of Catholic students at Simpson. CSO works with area priests and parishes to provide a weekly Mass that students, faculty and staff may attend. The Mass is conducted by both students and priests to provide a community atmosphere for practicing Catholics. CSO is always looking for new activities and volunteers to help with music each week, lectors and greeters for the weekly service. Common CSO activities/events include:

Catholic Mass

A Catholic Mass, sponsored by the Catholic Student Organization, is available to the Simpson community each Sunday when school is in session.  Area priests who enjoy working with the campus community celebrate this Mass.

Sundays, 5:00 PM, Smith Chapel

Meals are provided by either CSO or the church community after Mass several times each month. This is an opportunity to not only extend the fellowship of the Mass, but for the campus and Indianola Catholic community to connect.

Other Events

Other events such as a Bible study, prayer group and volunteering with St. Thomas Aquinas for Religious Education occur based on the level of interest.


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