The Religious Life Community strives to make practitioners of all different faiths [not just Methodism or other Christian denominations] feel welcome and accepted. By supporting a variety of religious holidays and traditions, along with educational forum events and encouraging worship opportunities around the Indianola/Des Moines area, RLC is continually working to provide a space for people of all faith backgrounds to come together harmoniously. RLC also promotes healthy conversation among people of different faith and cultural backgrounds, and proudly supports Interfaith justice and dialogue movements. Some of the Interfaith activities include:

Events and Forums

The RLC Interfaith program offers student the chance to learn about various faith communities through educational and experiential opportunities. The program hosts many speakers on campus throughout the year and takes students to interesting events, like the Diwali Festival at the Hindu Temple in Madrid, Iowa and the celebration of Rosh Hashanah at a Synagogue in Des Moines.


Contacts and Resources

Des Moines offers resources and community connections for many faith traditions:

Beth El Jacob Synagogue

954 Cummins Pkwy., Des Moines      (515) 274-1551


Chabd Lubavitch JRC of Iowa

943 Cummins Pkwy., Des Moines      (515) 277-1718


Temple B’Nai Jeshunin

5101 Grand Ave., Des Moines      (515) 274-4679


Tifereth Israel Synagogue

924 Polk Blvd., Des Moines      (515) 255-1137


Jewish Federations of Greater Des Moines

910 Polk Blvd., Des Moines      (515) 277-4069


Ancient Ways

1700 Woodland Ave., Des Moines      (515) 280-3375


Islamic Center of Des Moines

6201 Franklin Ave., Des Moines      (515) 255-0212


Des Moines Area Religious Council

3816 36th St., Des Moines      (515) 277-6969


Watlao Buddhavath

1824 Park Ave., Des Moines      (515) 282-1801


Vietnamese Buddist Assoc. Hong an Temple

1419 MLK Jr. Pkwy., Des Moines      (515) 288-6944


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